After work concert

Well, then the following happened to me because of all these experiences that I had on all these problems why projects died. Why Digger why the gone is not so that I simply drew the conclusion for myself. I’m looking for musicians now, if I can play somewhere, then we’re looking for people and if it fits, it’s okay and if it doesn’t fit then I play alone, i.e. for example I can go back to it now but I have a really great young drummer with me three from KBS 23, 14. Nico, a mega drummer, really, really great, incredibly calm and nice and I’ll also pay for it. That’s okay too. Then I got the Timon Timon a gifted creative person so incredible musician plays mandolin plays bass. Singing isn’t that important, but it doesn’t matter. He’s definitely very creative and then I pay and that’s how it goes on and then we somehow organized the after concert at the beginning of 2017 and 2018 and it’s already reached 100 or 150. That’s next week there there there there my dear Andreas Jordan will be there. There’s Norbert in the castle and I, the three of us are the basic cast and we do it once a week on Tuesdays from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Eugen’s wine bar, then we meet there, people come and we have each other now the audience has already played. It’s also really fun and you can try out new things and be creative and you’re actually there. That’s my pool, where I really put my things out because I really enjoy the hill, I enjoy animal stress because I always stay overnight from Nuremberg to Ansbach, maybe one more parking space and so on, then I have to go to Hohen Feld over and then back and forth all this driving, it’s unbelievable history again, but in the end it’s the best thing that can actually be on the balcony side. A loose connection no band and only musicians and then, then I have to do my room year with a swimming team and I mean to come, then he is one or how come he also has the one that Micha played at Kassens then also sometimes the poor animals nice arms he has Kaka playing again and then my mostly combined trumpet and so on and so on are always for different musicians and there are even four of us at the moment i.e. basically Andreas is there too Rüdiger is really cool cool but I want a super bass to sit there and play with me. After the car wash there is some kind of practice and then Norbert would be there and I and it’s the after concert and we want to do it until death do us part so that’s it for now from my vita. I’m actually of the opinion that’s why I’ve done my quick thing now, but I think, if I let the whole thing go like this, it’s that the conclusion of the whole story is for me actually that it’s best to do my thing alone and get certain people to help me, but that’s pretty much it. That was the vita of a musician who almost failed.